Learning From Machine Learning: All About AI

Learning From Machine Learning: All About AI – Panel Discussion

10:25 – 11:15

Moderator: Pete Limon

Panel Members: 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are shaping the future of human life as we know it. These advances in technology will drastically effect each of our lives in the near future, and the potential uses are limitless. Our star-studded cast of panelists will explain how they are currently leveraging this technology to boost human efficiency as well as their predictions and outlook on the future.


Pete Limon

Forbes School of Business and Technology

Program Lead: Cyber-security 

Benj Cohen 

Founder Proton.ai

Christy K. Sheehy, PhD

Founder & CEO, C. Light Technologies

Michael Kanaan

Author of “T-Minus AI, Prior U.S. Air Force

ELan Tye

Principal JAZZ Venture Partners