Nanxi Liu


Nanxi Liu is CEO and Co-Founder of Enplug, a leading digital display software company used by Fortune 500 companies, and was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 and Fortune’s 10 Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs. Nanxi also serves on the Board of Advisors for Covington Capital, which manages $3 billion, and is a Partner at XFactor Ventures, where she invests in women-founded startups. In 2019, Nanxi was appointed as one of five voting members to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ New Motor Vehicle Board.

In college, Nanxi founded Nanoly Bioscience, which develops polymers that enable vaccines to survive without refrigeration.  It won World Biomaterials Congress’s Top Research and NASA’s Top 10 New Tech Companies.  The company is successfully operating today and Nanxi is a board member.

Nanxi is on the advisory board of Infobitt, a news site built by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger and on the youth advisory board of Lady Gaga’s Foundation. She is also

Nanxi plays the piano, cello, and violin. She has performed live on NBC and was named “Top Performer” at Colorado State’s Music Festival.  For her community service, Nanxi received 1 of 7 National Leadership Awards along with Governor Schwarzenegger. 

A Colorado native, Nanxi double majored at UC Berkeley.  She received UC Berkeley’s Leadership Award and the Haas School of Business’s Undergraduate Leadership Award.